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Tue, Sep. 6th, 2005, 11:31 pm
you're dressed all in reds and whites, looking strangely like the Domino's Noid....Avoid my queries

so i just finished writing some more new songs...now comes the fun part of recording them...shall they see the light of day (or even dusk?) perhaps. these are finally slightly better than the drivel i've been recording for years now. yes, i know you're all thinking, "he always mentions the songs, but i never see paydirt" that mainly because i always finish a song and then directly hate it,, think it sounds too much like a certain band(or realize that the reason i like it is because it's another song, and the whole time i thought i had an original idea...), or think it is too simplistic, or i can hear what it wants to be, but jus isn't at all...not to mention the songs that i haven't finished,boy that's a pile. but for these two, one's called:


and the other is

el chupacabra

a third, which i haven't finished conceptualizing, is tenatively called

Paris by electric light (la chanson des ponts)

but i'm not sure. you'llknow soon enough. when these are done i'll get all exposed and bare these songs on the chopping block that is myspace. i promise. really. i'm really gonna do it. but only when i deem them ready.

oh. i bought some more new cds too, well, alot, so i'll only mention a few highlights:

Isn't Anything - my blood valentine
Fabulous Muscles - Xiu Xiu
and i caved and bought Plans- by you know who...(really, it's not even fun if you don't guess at least)

Thu, Sep. 1st, 2005, 12:59 pm
music turns me into a monster....of rock

i love how when you're feeling moderately down or perhaps kinda mad, or blank, listening to rage agaisnt the machine can get you going into full blown pissed. which sometimes is good. i mean it. like now...i saw a cop while i was walking during lunch (listening to rage) and i almost (uncharacteristically) flicked off the cop and yelled at him (which, although most of you know i hate cops, know i'm also to passive aggressive to actually ever do anything other than mumble snide remarks under my breath). It almost scared me. BUt, since i didn't ACTUALLY do anything, i went on my way listening to music that i love, even if i'm not marxist/leftist enough (or anywhere near that, for that matter) to actually claim some of their stuff...but good lunch anyways. but now it's back to work (which i also love, which is weird.huh.)

Mon, Aug. 29th, 2005, 04:30 pm
with depravity i break the laws of gravity...

hey. Does anyone want to go see Last Days (the kinda-sort-a not kurt cobain biopic) or Broken Flowers with me at Cedar Lee Theatre tonight? It's half price night at Cedar Lee...and they give you free popcorn. I know you want to... so let me know. i'll be here...or call me on my phone.

Wed, Aug. 24th, 2005, 01:29 am
"that was my special monday morning tape- special!"

I've been spray painting alot, but i think i'm finally gettingg good enough again to begin silkscreening shirts again. So.... if anybody has any ideas for designs, let's a hear em'. i've also been working on my site furiously (but apparently not furiously enough) so keep your ears to the ground, kiddies...'cause it's gonna be a doosie.

Tue, Aug. 16th, 2005, 09:53 pm
"I'm gonna make it through this year if it kills me..."

false alarm. i totally forgot everything i was gonna say. tune back in for more....

Mon, Aug. 8th, 2005, 12:24 am
disgno versus colore...hmm.... i might have to mull this one over....

mewithoutyou tonight! very good...they're almost getting proggy, as in prog-rockish, in a hardcore-Refused kinda way...me likey.

some more songs recorded, and i'm almost to a point where my website can emerge from the chasm in which it has been resting....

Tue, Jul. 26th, 2005, 11:22 pm

"I think that the same thing is happening with the Pumpkins and my work now, so I just keep quiet about it. But it's weird because, for a while now, I feel like I really did a lot to change the course of rock and got zero credit. Nirvana got way too much credit, The Pumpkins got too little, and Pearl Jam got credit for no reason at all...Historically, when you look any art movement, it doesn't matter what it is, you a have a pure beginning, which is often times not recognized. You have a level of innovation- Jane's [Addiction], Dinosaur Jr, The Pixies- and they don't get the credit they deserve. Then you have a second wave, that takes the example of what the did and say, "Ah, we can do it one better." Then you have the explosion. Zeitgeist! Then the moment comes in and it spoils everything. Then, because you've created the perfect thing to copy, you start copying. You can start with Nevermind and Gish in '91.  Then five years later you get Creed.  You get the stripped down version,"  -Billy Corgan in Law Of Inertia magazine about the Alternative Rock/Early Nineties  movement (or any art movement, for that matter.)    


they were an amazing band.  too bad they all hated each other.  and too bad thefutureembrace kinda sucks. oh well, at least there's 33.and Soma. and everything else.  mmm.....coffee...

Sat, Jul. 23rd, 2005, 02:40 am
"Mrs. Young I thnk You're the best (that's all) I'm trying to say...."

please let that be you.

knockin' on my door like that just like you do...

callin' with a message or two.

you know you are my fate and i love you.

ahh... the rentals.

Listening to the "return of the rentals" is like pulling on a warm comfortable blanket...of fuzz...and petra haden vocals.

Wed, Jul. 20th, 2005, 11:44 pm
the most interesting thing about you sitting in the doorway is that it's YOU: and you're sitting...

hello folks. i didn't post yesterday b|c i'm a lazybones. that's the only reason, really, oh- and i fell asleep. I finished Harry Potter yesterday; i bought it monday. kudos. So i finished a model today, and it's put me on a creative track that i haven't been on since school- really good and really going- unfortunately, it's partly b/c i've been bored out of my skullz lately. yes. you read that right. so bored, i actually put the word s-k-u-l-l-z up just to amuse my dying brain cells. which are dying anyways, so why should i complain. oh. that and i've been using spraypain on some graffiti stencils tonight- that might have done something as well. but no one can prove it.

at first when i got this job, i was both elated and moderately depressed. happy, becasue i needed a job by the end of july or else i would have gotten kicked out of the masters degree program, and it is one of the best design-based architectural firms in cleveland, depressed because it is, indeed cleveland. Let's face it kids, this city has either razed, bulldozed, glossed over, or offended an important business/philanthropist until the important business/philanthropist gave up and gave their gifts to another city. Cleveland has made it's history upon the battered dreams of those living here, building higher and higher.

sorry, i said i wouldn't complain. just be glad i didn't totally launch into an architectural rant on the city and it's history/urban plan, or else you would either have:
A) been here all night

B) given up early and gotten bored and left (if you knew what was good for you)

so. i've written some new songs:

"Angst is a Four Letter Word for Cool"

"Antoine Coysevox" (a story of a 19th century painter)

"Coin Sud" (yes, it's french)


just a few to whet the pallate...even if the majority of you (meaning pretty much all) will never hear them, as i am merely way way way to paranoid/anal retentive/ hate my own voice and think my songs are trite

but yeah.

I also bought "samurai x: trust | betrayal" today. I've seen it many times, but it never gets old. Even though it's based off of a series (namely, Rourouni Kenshin: Wandering Samurai), it is a fully comprehensive story in itself, and very very richly illustrated and fast-paced. Illustrated by Nobuhiro Watsuki, it is much smoother and liquid than the series, and is slightly more serious in it's portrayals, containing far less of the stereotypical japanese anime moves such as the large "angry" mouths, and such. but it is beautiful. and with that i leave you to finish a sculptural design...

Sat, Jul. 16th, 2005, 11:08 pm
another day, another Kruschev....Nikita, that is.

hey folks.
So this automated fabrication project at Georgia Tech has really got me thinking into what i might want to do as a focus during my masters next year...or possibly beyond. It really is based around the idea of three dimensional printing, rapid prototyping, and what is called CNC - Computer Numerical Control. Utilizing this technology (or technologeeoo...to quote the rentals correctly) enables designers to both generated quick, strong, detailed models (hence the term "rapid" prototyping) and, more frequently, to think big and design in ways that allow for imagination and detailed design in ways that otherwise would either bee far too costly or impossible due to practicality. There are (as of now) two basic methods of automated fabrication, with subcategories within them: additive and subtractive (for all of you artists out there, this should ring a bell- it's the same terms used in sculpture). In additive autofab, the models and pieces are built predominantly out of powders, polymers, resins, and waxes that are built upon one another level by level, but afterward retain great strength and resiliency. In subtractive autofab (as of now the only form possible for use to construct architectural elements, namely due to size) the forms are basically giant multi-axis routers, laser cutters, or multi-dimensional sabersaws. These machines and be up to 30 feet long, possible lengths for either columns or for creating casting molds for large concrete formworks. The great thing is the advanced computer design programs such as CAD, Architectural Desktop, Form Z, Revit, and various other programs are now capable of generating 3 dimensional shapes with enough consistency, detail and accuracy necessary to create these parts (and if you're rich enough, you'll pull a frank gehry and steal programs from the Italian aerospace industry that are used to generate 3-d shapes for fighter jets and put it to use creating wavy steel forms that begin as novel and orignal buildings but then get overblown, overused, and boring due to their globalization...but that's just me venting...plus they didn't give me a job)

but either way, it's pretty sweet technology.

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