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a british invasion of sorts

Her Majesty's Royal Pop Ensemble
27 April
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Shuffling through dusty tomes
(glancing paper-worn),
the early sojourns from the classical
enclaves (Valkyrie's stampede),
spinning on the
ever-so-fixed point,
recalling the past
(shaken memories snapped
into focus)
as the player's vinyl, talkative
lips climb into the rebellions of decades.
Still, the new sound is 'round that
ever-turning corner: new sound,
old sound,
archaic whispers of how we used to be
when the sea turned slowly on itself,
(always sighing) you clung to my shoulder
the stillness of listening.

Matthew Simpson
80's cop sunglasses, a mighty wind, albee, anna waronker, architecture (obviously), battlestar gallactica, beat poetry, beck, belle and sebastien, ben lee, blondie, blur, brendan benson, bright eyes, camus, cat power, cobra verde, coldplay, converse shoes, creeper lagoon, cursive, death cab for cutie, ducktales (woohoo!), edward scissorhands, elliot smith, etc., europe (as a whole), fight club, flight of the navigator, foo fighters, fountains of wayne, gizmetco, graham green novels, granddaddy, graphic design, guster, heathers, heidegger, high fidelity, idelwild, imperial teen, interpol, jesus christ, jones soda, juliana hatfield, knights, legos, liam lynch (whatever), lord of the rings, midieval england, mod anything, monet, moog synths, movies (rocks, music as a whole, nada surf!, new wave, newsies, ok go, paul mccartney, paul simon, pavement, petra/rachel hayden, pirates, pirates of the carribean, poetry, pop in general, power pop, radiohead, remy zero, rilo kiley, rock (both playing), rushmore, sahara hotnights, sean lennon, shipwrecked, silvia plath, slackers, snowboarding, social distortion, sondre lerche, star wars, starbucks (sometimes), stereolab, street spirit, stryper (just kidding), superdrag, switchfoot, t.s. eliot, teenage mutant ninja turtles, tguk, that dog, that thing you do, the 60's (not hippie, the apples in stereo, the beach boys, the black hole, the cars, the eels, the pixies, the prom, the rapture, the rentals, the royal tenenbaums, the sounds, the space twins, the sun, the weez, travis, turtles ii, ultimate fakebook, ultimate frisbee, vikings, waiting for guffman, wayne's world, wilco, wings, zwan