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Wed, Dec. 14th, 2005, 08:49 am

cuisinartkings's Last.fm Weekly Artists Chart

i really like andrew wk...pure unadulterated rock.

Mon, Oct. 31st, 2005, 10:29 pm
i'm ok with my decay...i have no choice, i have no voice...


Mon, Oct. 31st, 2005, 07:56 am


Tue, Oct. 25th, 2005, 12:23 am
And Here We Test Our Powers of Observation...

I really need to update more...or less...one of the two...

Fall has finally crept back into Cleveland, as the trees have finally decided to give in and let their leaves turn color, and the rain has returned for the moment. This is the first time in four years that my interaction with fall has been anything other than mere compulsory acknowledgments as I shuffled from my room or studio to my car in the evenings to go to Starbucks, so the smells of legally (yes, in Chicago you're allowed to openly burn leaves and garbage outdoors) burnt embers and warm coffee intermingle with the sudden breezes that rolls along behind you as you walk along. It's that involuntary shudder that accompanies settling into your car seat as you buckle up and edge the key into the ignition. The listening of choice tunes becomes more important now, as this season demands a soundtrack to supplement its grays and drab browns. it's fall...and i'm tired.

Tue, Oct. 18th, 2005, 11:12 pm
yes, there were stones in the stone meadow.

I went to Nada Surf on Thursday. It was excellent. Unfortunate that they didn't play "Mother's Day" or perhaps "Zen Brain"... but they did quite well with two encores and about 26 songs.

Then after that, I went to Tennessee. Yes, I hear your complaints; your rationales, your suggestions that i've finally lost it- but no. There's this family who's starting up/ has been running an arts camp (i.e. recording, production, visual arts) and they're trying to set it up full time atthis property they own in Lebanon, TN, on this sweet property on the Cumberland River. It is mighty excellent. and good food, frisbee, camping, and all of my friends from school all went down- i hadn't seen most of them since graduation. and the bacon in tennessee is muy better. I'll update more tomorrow. i promise.

Sat, Oct. 1st, 2005, 04:19 pm
Radiohead really really likesmusing about music...so does nick hornby- is it just b/c they're brits?

Clocking on again.
We're back in the studio, and all is fun and well. Stanley's here too, or at least in the shed out back, painting again. The rats have got in and eaten all his blue paint, and there's blue rat shit everywhere: but at least he's got a good dub cd to listen to while he's working. At least, I think it's good. Let me explain.

There is loads of great music out there that you’ll never have time to find out about. I’m always saying this - boring the arse off someone about this. Partly to make me sound like I know loads of great music that they don’t, and partly to justify why I’ve never heard a note of, say, the Stooges (though I really must, I know, I know...how can I claim to be a an Iggy Pop fan if I've never even heard 'I wanna be your dog'? etc. etc.)

I often glibly add - ‘you could spend 6 months listening to just dub reggae, and it would all be worth hearing.’ I realize that sounds patronising, but I choose reggae because I know so many people who collect this kind of music and no other - which fascinates me - and because it’s mostly unknown to me. Not any more....I’ve just done it. Six solid months of nothing but Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry, Ken Boothe, Junior Byles, Marcia Aitkin and hundreds of others. It’s to make a compilation which may or may not ever be completed - I hope I’m not just proving a point to myself - but either way, there’s been nothing else on my ipod since April.

There’s something exciting about coming to musicians when they’re just names, when you’ve no idea who Derrick Harriott looks like, or what his reputation is - considered naff by real dub fans, maybe ? Derivative ? Or maybe ground-breaking ? I know the Stooges were ground-breaking - maybe that’s what has been putting me off. The weight of knowing already how good it’s meant to be. With this compilation, I’ve just ploughed through all these faceless names, liking things I probably shouldn’t (covers of soul songs! Spanish guitar solos!) and maybe finding nothing I like by the supposed classics (some of the very empty dub stuff is kind of....tedious) - or nothing I really like on the records I already have. Although Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry seems to me to deserve all respect he gets. His records are just magical. Ditto Linval Thompson, Sly and Robbie, and Scientist.

(Interesting how making a compilation for someone makes you listen to your music completely differently. Endless moments of 'do I really like that track, now I'm actually listening to it for someone else?' It's a great way to get rid of records that you only think you like.)

So it’s great music. If you don’t know any, it’s really worth getting into. There’s more than one speed, one rhythm, one mood - more than one gender, even, than you might suspect. Marcia Griffiths was a revelation. If I ever finish this thing, I’ll put the list up, and invite you to check it out. And disagree. "Ken Boothe ? Theat's not real reggae....Robbie Williams of his day.....might as well put 'I come from a land down-under' on... "


That's what Jonny Greenfield from Radiohead says. I agree with him mostly, well, if you switch dub to maybe 60s/70/60s pop. otherwise, not much to report. i'm up at cornerstone college visiting my bro right now. that is all.

Tue, Sep. 20th, 2005, 10:13 am

it's international talk like a pirate day...and you know what that means....


Thu, Sep. 15th, 2005, 12:41 pm

we are a generation who is accustomed to rapid information assimilation and processing. This being so, i am concerned what this means for architecture, both in the now and in the future. This acceptance of rapid assimilation and one-look processing is a foundation tenant of many firms today; they revolve around the idea of creating architectural one liners that don't need to be viewed again to get the idea. Or else they become either over(or possibly OVERT and INTENTIONALLY)-ly annoying in their stimuli and therefore merely ugly. This troubles me on many levels.If something can be seen, glanced at, and accepted into ones consciousness as merely existing, or existing as ITSELF (i.e. stand alone or OBJECT buildings), then what is the use of the build form anymore. if that is the sole reason for the creation of architecture, to entertain or distract, then we designers might as well give up and start building designer cardboard boxes - merely known for the name which is printed on the side. The problem rests in the realization that for architecture to be rapidly or instantaneously assimilatable, one must make the form simple enough (or on the converse, flashy, shiny, distracting, garish enough) to be understood. The architects who practice this architecture of the now suggest that we live in a technological world and therefore for architecture to carry relevance it must be as fast (or fast to understand perhaps) as the other forms of stimuili surrounding or encasing it/encased within it. Does everything go so fast? Is everything instantaneous? Can we blink and have food at the touch of a command? close, but not fully.

And isn't part of the alluire of REAL Food (as opposed to "fud" , i.e. fast food, microwaveable food, instant meals) the waiting and then savouring of the tender morsels of meat, the slow sip of the soup, the enjoyment of taste, smell, texture, atmosphere, and ambiance?)

how many times have you waited at a light?
if this world is indeed so utterly obsessed with the now and impatience, then why do people always talk of needing to "get away for a while?"
Why do people own lazyboys if they areen't needed, as comfort and relaxation take a second seat to commodity, commerce, and speed?
Heck! why do day timers and palm pilots even have spaces between events in lists and calendars- after all, if everything totally flows into each other one after another, why not show it!

In classical form and architectural space, SPACE and FORM unfolded over time, creating an experience that altered the longer one either progressed through it or existed within it. INdeed, in the Renassance and directly after (especially the Anti-Reformation period of Baroque and Rococo Architecture), the designers of the day saw architecture as a form of entertainment as well. However, they saw it as, if not sculptural space, that of a PLAY. Architecture became the lushly appointed backdrops (pieces of static and not so static art in their own right) of the drama known as LIFE. Lawyers, Bankers, Popes, Plebians, these were merely players in the grand play that is life, and as such they had a vested interest in their landscapes, both as places in which to perform their various activites, as well as a a resource from which to draw their inspiration and creativity (oh. and of course to provide a respite from cold, rain, sun, and a place to lay your head), for what actor can work without his props?

of course, over time, the architecture became not just a facilitator or memory marker but the star of the play, and it's architect the great maestro. The people inhabiting or using it no longer mattered. And, as soon as the people no longer matter, neither does the subject in the sense that architecture is for naught but an intellectual excercise without people (as much as WE as architect would like to get rid of them from time to time). Architecture is static and dead in the absence of people. If a building falls in a forest and no one hears, does it make a sound? DOes anyone care? Did the building ever matter? Did it have purpose? (of course, i realize that i'm treading dangerous philosophical existential/aesthetics waters with this "Play" and Theatre analogies, and i don't mean to get too much into that -THIS TIME...)

BUt as an object that unfolds over time, one needs TIME to appreciate it. To wander it's hallways, carouse in it's alleyways, rejoice in it's cameras (GRAND CHAMBERS-it's italian), contemplate in it's antechambers. One needs to exist within it, fojr people use buildings for living in. Is a building a machine for living in? If so, is it a simple machine (as those are the only kind of machine to have been around for thousands of years)? Is it a machine at all, or more like a living organism made up of the sum of it's parts; structural, psychological, physical, skin, soul(humans inhabinting and utilizing)? Does it have a conscience? Can it have moral laws and judgements? Can it expound on those via exposition?

or does it sit silently, a victim to its age and era, perhaps a blank canvas upon which to project ones belief system and post-modern/pre-modern whatever-ness? Can buildings be statementless? Can they just let each person make of it what they wish?

Or do they state an intention regardless?

DO buidings give an opinion?

(more later)

Tue, Sep. 13th, 2005, 12:48 pm
"do you know how F_*# much these lasers cost?!"

sitting here on my lunch break trying not to forget a song i'm working on. sure wish i had my laptop to put a simple track down, of course, being that i'm at work, i don't exactly have my guitar next to me either. hmm... troubling.

Saw FOOZER this weekend. flew down to orlando and hung out with glenn, did a little more road trippage to tampa bay whereupon we rok-d. amazing. although both bands played basically singles, it was still unbelievable to see two juggernauts of rauk up on stage in one fine evening. Mr. Grohl was his usual unassailably vulgar self (as we come to love and expect), and hilarious to boot. nate mendel was rockin' in his usual way, tilting back and forth like a weeble wobble, and at one point dave and taylor switched places and dave played some amzing drums. ALthough this was only in matching the weez explosion, who clearly were enjoying themselves thoroughly, switchin' it up a bit having scott sing "in the garage", brian singing "why bother" and pat rokking out "photograph"{ (which is a song i never truly liked that much, but with mr. wilson on guitar and rivers on drums...) - pat really rocked it. Of course then rivers ran out into the middle of the arena in the darkness and stood on a podium behind the mixing booth and sand island in the sun acoustic. in the dark. with christmas lights everywhere. i, for one, at this moment have no voice.

now i just have a few more weeks till nada surf, mates of state, built to spill and decemberists come. individually, of course. not all shows can have multiple amazing bands like the foozer show did. unfortunate this is.

today though, i have to buy:

Nada Surf - "The Weight is a Gift"
sigur ros - "Takk" (thanks)
Juliana Hatfield - "Made in China"

Thu, Sep. 8th, 2005, 08:09 am
it was cold, we stayed in the water

the new nada surf record is amazing. it's really good. it pretty much takes off where the last one left, but brings back in some important details from proximity effect that let was missing, along with gaining some My bloody Valentine-ness. very nice. um.... songwatch: I"m almost done with those two songs. when will you hear them? patience, young padawan.

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