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Tue, Oct. 18th, 2005, 11:12 pm
yes, there were stones in the stone meadow.

I went to Nada Surf on Thursday. It was excellent. Unfortunate that they didn't play "Mother's Day" or perhaps "Zen Brain"... but they did quite well with two encores and about 26 songs.

Then after that, I went to Tennessee. Yes, I hear your complaints; your rationales, your suggestions that i've finally lost it- but no. There's this family who's starting up/ has been running an arts camp (i.e. recording, production, visual arts) and they're trying to set it up full time atthis property they own in Lebanon, TN, on this sweet property on the Cumberland River. It is mighty excellent. and good food, frisbee, camping, and all of my friends from school all went down- i hadn't seen most of them since graduation. and the bacon in tennessee is muy better. I'll update more tomorrow. i promise.